Scuba Diving Komodo

Scuba Diving Komodo

Excitement. Passion. Safety. You

This is your perfect mix of holidays: enjoy daily scuba diving at the best dive spots in Komodo National Park with our boat “Santai” and our professional crew, and let the day end with a drink in your hand while watching stunning sunsets.

Every morning around 7:30 a.m. we pick you up from your hotel on the way to our boat. There, our international team will welcome you; and while we cruise towards our first dive spot, our dive masters will give you a short boat briefing. Sit back, listen and enjoy the view over the stunning island architecture of Komodo.

There are roughly 40 renowned dive sites around Labuan Bajo and the world-famous Komodo National Park. So it is worth going out for three dives, to get the most out of your diving days. Yet, we set our plans according to your wishes, schedule and experience as well as to weather conditions.

For your well-being on board we offer you plenty of water, tea and coffee. Freshly prepared snacks and lunch are served during the trip and are good for your energy. During and after the dives you have a choice of games; sufficient space to relax and to stock up on some sunshine; or just to chat and to go through your underwater photos while listening to some lounge music.

We want to make it fun and safe for you. We keep with our policy 4:1 on every dive. Our experienced dive guide and/or instructor will take max. 4 divers on each dive only. That’s the rule we always follow.

Yet Komodo National Park offers a wide array of diving for any in-/experienced diver. To ensure the delight of our first time divers and to thrill and to challenge even the most experienced divers, we set our diving groups accordingly.

A dream. First-class dive place. Top 10

Komodo National Park map

Most descriptions about Komodo’s dive sites are superlative. And they are just right. Komodo’s waters are incredibly rich in marine life, big variety of pelagic fish, sharks and macro; superb and untouched coral reefs, and amazing topography.

You can do scuba diving in Komodo all year around. Just bear in mind that Indonesia has got two seasons: rainy season (November/December – February) and dry season (March – October/November).

Best diving conditions in Komodo run from March to October. While during December through to February you’ve got the best season to see manta rays.

Komodo is also famous for its currents that can be strong. Currents should be taken seriously, always follow the instructions of your dive guide. Yet currents are the reason why Komodo’s waters are so full of fish and clear.

Visibility:5 – 30 m (best visibility from November to January)
Depths:5 – 40 m (depends on your level and dive spot)
Water temperatures:25 – 28 degrees
Variety:Current dives, gentle drift dives, walls, reefs, pinnacles, seamounts, sand slopes
Level:Divers of all levels can dive in Komodo. Dive sites are chosen in compliance with diver’s experience, skills and knowledge. (Of course, as Wet Frog Divers we play a part as weatherman, too)

Click here to get more information about some dive spots

Your fun. Your safety. Our responsibility

Scuba diving in Komodo National Park is a thrilling and unforgettable experience. It is important to us that you feel comfortable and safe during your entire trip with us. It is our mission to take care of all details and to provide for you the highest standards of safety. We do not accept to compromise our principles in order to save money or actions.

We employ experienced and certified dive masters and instructors only. All guides have their own SMB and we strongly recommend you to bring along yours (or rent one from our dive centre). Our rental BCD’s are equipped with a SMB and a whistle. If you have never used a SMB before, do not hesitate to talk to our crew and they will be happy to show you the professional deploy.

Always follow the dive guide. Should the guides decide to change the dive site due to unfavourable conditions upon arrival, this happens for your safety.

The captain is the main person on board. He knows the waters and the vessel the best; he is responsible for the safety of the boat and the guests. It is important to pay respect to his decisions.

We have equipped our boat with the latest technology to make sure our divers cannot get harmed. We have trained our staff in First-Aid. We set rules that each and every employee understands, accepts and follows.

It is also important that you get diving insurance prior to start of your holiday. In collaboration with Dive Assure we offer different insurance packages at affordable prices. Follow that link to choose your personal diving insurance.

We recommend to you to choose a professional and experienced dive operator. On any dive holiday you go.

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