Terms and Conditions for all scuba dive courses, dive and snorkelling trips and dive-related bookings with Wet Frog Divers

Fun Diving Indonesia is a dive centre registered and located in Labuan Bajo, Kecamat Komodo, West Manggarai, Flores Island, Indonesia. The name used for marketing purposes and all marketing & selling related activities is Wet Frog Divers. Herein after referred to as WFD.

WFD provides daily dive and snorkelling trips to Komodo National Park, to the islands inside as well as outside of the park, including a tour to the Island Rinca. WFD is also offering training for scuba diving certifications according to SSI and PADI standards. For all trips WFD uses their own boat which offers space, comfort and safety for both diving and snorkelling guests.

WFD offers its customers their website as a booking platform in accordance with the WFD Private Policy. WFD collaborates with different tour operators inside and outside of Indonesia where customers can book WFD services at the terms and conditions and in accordance with the private policy of the respective tour operator.

The Terms & Conditions (T&C) mentioned below apply to all bookings made by the customer directly with WFD either through the contact form on the WFD website, via e-mail komodo@wetfrogdivers.com or any other direct contact with WFD.

By booking the services of WFD customer agrees to have read, understood and agrees to these T&C.


WFD is offering scuba diving courses, daily trips for diving and snorkelling to Komodo National Park and to the islands outside of the park that are approachable by WFD boat from Labuan Bajo harbour.

A day dive trip can be booked by a certified diver of any recognised organisation. In case of differences in certification’s name, standard or rules, the diver will be equivalently considered to the SSI certification standards, unless clearly stated on the diver’s certification card. The diver must be of age to conclude a contract, or be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and present to WFD his/her certification prior to booking.

A day snorkel trip can be booked by any person who can swim, hold himself/herself on the water by himself/herself and use the snorkel equipment consisting of mask, snorkel, fins or fins & boots. The snorkel person must be of age to conclude a contract, or be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

A person who is not a certified diver yet but wishes to participate in the day dive trip can enrol to a scuba training course offered by WFD.

WFD offers and conducts all SSI and PADI Scuba Diving Courses from Try Dive / Discover Scuba Diving, initial Open Water Diver to Divemaster Training courses. All courses are executed by qualified, certified and being in active status instructors. WFD is doing its best to provide the course in the native language. In case the native language is not available the course will be conducted in English provided the student can understand English to the minimum of course’ level.

A student can be any person who can swim, is of age that is required for the respective course, fulfils all requirements needed for the course, is of age to be able to conduct a contract or being accompanied by a legal parent or guardian of the minor child/student.


Prices, Changes and Discounts

WFD is publishing all its current prices on their website. A printed price list is also presented in the dive centre office of WFD.

The WFD prices include fresh lunch on boat, water, coffee and tea, snacks and fruits, transfer from any hotel in Labuan Bajo to the harbour and back to the hotel, and for divers also booked number of dives, professional dive guide, 12l tanks, weights.

WFD reserves the right to amend and to update the prices at any time without prior notice.

Any discounts offered by WFD are clearly stated on the website and pricelist. Several discounts options cannot be mixed. WFD grants the right to the customer to book at his/her preferred discount option. Customer agrees to discuss and to confirm the preferred discount option while booking and prior to payment.


Additional Costs

Customer is required to pay extra fees in addition to the costs of scuba dive course, diving, snorkelling and diving/snorkelling related activities. These costs are not regulated by WFD.

Additional costs are not limited to the costs mentioned below and can be:

  • Komodo National Park entrance fee
  • Retribusi tax (local tourism tax)
  • Rinca/Komodo Island entrance fee
  • Ranger on Rinca/Komodo Island
  • Rental scuba/snorkel equipment
  • Additional scuba course materials SSI or PADI
  • Printed Certification Cards (C-Card) of SSI or PADI
  • Transfer to/from airport
  • Other services that are not related to a day dive/snorkel trip but are executed by WFD on customer’s request

Customers are advised to inquire the currently valid entrance fees with the booking.


Bookings for any scuba dive course, dive or snorkelling trip can be done directly at the dive centre office, through the WFD contact form on the WFD website (in accordance with WFD private policy) or directly by e-mail to WFD at komodo@wetfrogdivers.com

If booking is done via a tour agent or through an online booking platform that is not operated by WFD, a copy of the booking must be sent via email to komodo@wetfrogdivers.com

Customer agrees to fill in and to sign the check-in papers in full as provided and requested by WFD once the customer arrives at the dive centre location. The check-in papers might require, but are not limited to this: customer’s full name, diver’s qualification, passport number, nationality, privacy statement and data processing form, waiver and release of liability, medical history, and boat passenger waiver. WFD agrees to handle customer’s private data in accordance with WFD private policy.

WFD might ask to sign additional papers if appropriate.


Payments and Deposits

For bookings made within 30 days prior to arrival or directly at the dive centre payments of full price must be made to WFD on the time of booking.

For bookings made via e-mail or contact form, customer agrees to make payment of the invoice to WFD in full no later than 30 days prior to arrival (prior to the first day of the booked service) using one of the applicable payment methods such as credit card, cash in Indonesian Rupiah or wire transfer.

For payments in another currency we will use the exchange rate of www.xe.com of the date of booking.

Payments at the dive centre can be done in cash in Indonesian Rupiah or via credit card such as VISA or MasterCard. Additional credit card fees apply.

Customer agrees to take all fees that might arise with the payment process such as credit card surcharge, bank transfer fees or any other fees necessary to execute the payment to WFD.

If the customer does not make payment in accordance with the invoice (not on time or not in full amount), WFD reserves the right to not provide the service or to provide only the service that has been paid.

Customer agrees to accept and to follow the tour-operator’s and, respectively, the online platform’s payment policy when creating a booking through them.

If there is no payment, WFD cannot guarantee your space or service.



Once the booking is confirmed and the payment has been made by the customers in full and without delays, WFD agrees to deliver the service according to the booking confirmation.

WFD reserves the right to cancel any trip due to weather conditions or due to force majeure or any other issues that might risk the safety of the trip, customers, crew, or boat.

Cancellations made by customer for any scuba dive course, dive or snorkelling trip will be charged at:
25%    of total service costs, if cancelled within     30-25 days prior to arrival
50%    of total service costs, if cancelled within     24-15 days prior to arrival
100%  of total service costs, if cancelled within     14-0 days prior to arrival

In case of no cancellation or no-show, no refund will be given.

In the event of force majeure (war, natural disaster, epidemics, governmental restrictions of travel, weather etc.), we will reschedule the activity free-of-charge, provide a voucher in the same value of the booked service, or offer a refund if possible.

In the event of a technical problem or if there are any delays in the dry-dock, WFD has the right to operate the same service with a different boat of a similar standard. In this case the customers have to accept the change of boat. If it is not possible to replace the boat, WFD will reschedule the activity free-of-charge, offer an alternative service, or a refund if possible.

Any scuba dive course materials that have been purchased for the customer’s booking/course will be charged at 100% of the materials costs at any cancellation time or reason.



Customer agrees that his/her participation in any scuba dive course, dive or snorkelling trip with WFD is entirely voluntary and of his/her own free will.

Customer agrees to sign a “Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement” document before starting the scuba dive course, dive or snorkelling trip whereas he/she releases, waives, discharges and agrees not to sue the dive centre WFD (alias the PT. Fun Diving Indonesia), all of their instructors, guides, dive professionals, and all of their parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies, agents, employees, officers, directors, owners, or sponsors.

Customer agrees to be in fit condition respectively for scuba dive course, dive or snorkelling trip. Customer agrees to provide the information of his/her medical history as accurate and honest, if appropriate.

In case of a medical problem arising during the trip, either on the boat or on shore, which results in cost for evacuation, use of aircraft, repatriation or hospitalisation, customer agrees to take the full responsibility for payment of these costs.

WFD cannot be liable for any injury to person (whether or not resulting in death) or damage to property arising out of any act of war, revolt or other civil uprising or military action occurring in the countries of origin, destination or passages.

WFD does not take any responsibility for loss or damage on customer’s personal belongings.

Any loss and/or damage of WFD belongings (such as equipment, tanks, items on boat or in the office, the boat and the office itself) due to abuse or negligence on customer’s part will be charged at full current market value.


Handicapped Customers

WFD is operating in Labuan Bajo offering tours to Komodo National Park and its islands. Neither the dive centre nor the local infrastructure such as the harbour, are suitable for handicapped customers.

Handicapped customer who wishes to make a booking with WFD agrees to inform WFD about the type of handicap at the beginning of the booking process with WFD. Handicapped customer agrees to be accompanied by a person (persons) who can provide assistance to the handicapped customer.

WFD reserves the right to decline the booking if WFD considers that it is not suitable for the customer.



The WFD prices do not include diving or travel insurance. WFD recommends to each customer when booking a service with WFD to purchase a dive and/or travel insurance. WFD offers in cooperation with the insurance company Dive Assure different options of dive and travel insurances for long and short-term, single, family or group insurances.



WFD aims to reduce the amount of rubbish, to protect the ocean and to provide information to increase awareness and to enlarge the knowledge. WFD presents such information and guidelines at their office and boat area.

Customer agrees to get familiar with the guidelines and WFD internal rules. Customer agrees and confirms to take the responsibility and not to harm any marine life, environment or inhabitant on land.

WFD reserves the right to stop, to cancel, or to warn customers who do not follow the instructions and guidelines of WFD for protection of the environment. Customers who deliberately harm, damage or break the environment rules can be excluded from any activity with WFD without any refund.



WFD reserves the right to change this policy at any time without notice.

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