The #3 World Cleanup Day on 19th September 2020

World Cleanup Day

The next World Cleanup Day is coming closer! However, this year we all are facing new (quite hard) challenges. The COVID-19 situation has created some tough times, some inapplicable ways and a lot of restrictions. Yet, the world still needs our actions in regards to waste management. Although some activities…

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Komodo National Park reopens on June 15th

Some good news from us! The regional government of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) announced in a press release that Komodo National Park and some other popular destinations will be open for tourists beginning June 15th. Komodo National Park has been closed since 20th March in relation to the measurements against…

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World Cleanup Day on 21st September 2019

On 21st September 2019 is the Wold Cleanup Day! All organisations, companies and citizens of Labuan Bajo are participating in this event. Waste Management in Indonesia is a complex and difficult subject. The growing amount of waste – all over Indonesia – is one of the major challenges for the…

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