Dive Center in Komodo Wet Frog Divers - Legend

“A frog (a paddock) – is actually a blessing for the place where it settles.” – Alfred Brehm, Brehms Tierleben (English title: Brehm’s Life of Animals.)

Wet Frogs? – So, you are frogs, or what?

Well, we do hear that question quite often. Actually, that was the point… A clever marketing move – to arouse interest through the name and to start a chat for the beginning at least. And then, we owe some answers, yes. So here are our reasons and more or less our legend.


A frog is a member of tailless amphibians that is qualified to live both under and above the water. Divers, do you recognise yourselves in that? A frog is breathing with its lungs and through its skin that must be moisture at all times; that’s why water is indispensable for a frog…Hmm, divers, and now?


In some cultures there is a fairy tale about a frog that went travelling with ducks. There was a frog, sitting in its pond, it saw some migrating ducks and it thought “Oh, how beautiful it would be to travel with them.” And then a brilliant idea came to its mind that allowed the frog to leave its pond and “to travel to this amazing south where there are warm waters and a lot of delicious bugs.” – These words in that fairy tale basically describe us – Wet Frogs!


Frogs do not only live in some cosy ponds, no, one can find them even in the hot sand of the Middle East, in lakes beyond the polar circle, in the mountains of South America and even in the Himalayas at a height of 4,000 meters!

Besides being able to swim and to leap, a frog is also able to climb up the trees, to dig a hole, or thanks to its skin between the “fingers” even to fly.

So at the end:

Every day we jump into the water and swim with a frog-kick. And you still ask whether we are frogs? – All divers are kind of a frog. And this is a great thing!

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