Doing this course you enroll into a program that brings you to the Dive Professional Level.

This program is designed to obtain the skills, experience and knowledge to safely lead groups of certified divers under water on daily fun dives and to assist Dive Instructors on open water training dives. In the SSI Science of Diving you will study in-depth and detailed the subjects of physics, physiology, decompression theory, the aquatic environment and diving equipment.

During the course you will be learning and leading divers in different environments (deep, shallow, currents, night). You will be testing your basic skills and perfecting them, gain more self-confidence and greater experience.

We believe that a successful divemaster possesses next to the professional diving some great managerial skills too. And therefore, we will also show you the operations of a quality dive centre and introduce to you the main understandings of customer relationship.

Are you ready to become a dive professional?

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This will depend on your personal program. But one thing is sure – it includes diving, diving, diving in Komodo National Park.

Does not include:

This will depend on your personal program. However, travel tickets, accommodation, diving and travel insurances, any other licenses (e.g. international driving licenses), etc. are not included.

Course Facts

  • Duration: depends on your personal program
  • Age: 18
  • Depth: max. 40 meters
  • Must hold the Diver Stress & Rescue certification, and have logged 40 dives
  • Health: must be healthy and fulfill further requirements of the course

We recommend visiting your doctor before; to make sure you can start with your Divemaster course.

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