Scuba Diver ANZ writes about Komodo National Park

The magazine Scuba Diver ANZ has published an article about Komodo National Park, and asked us to participate in the preparation of the material.

Scuba Diver ANZ calls Komodo National Park as one of the best dive destinations in the worldThe article “Komodo National Park – One of the Best Dive Destinations in the world” about diving in Komodo was published online on their website in Travel Reports earlier this month. We provided Scuba Diver ANZ with some facts and information as well as with our photos that we took in the past while diving in Komodo.

Scuba Diver Magazine is one of the internationally distributed travel and diving publications. The printed magazine is published in three large regions such as Australia – New Zealand, USA – Canada and Great Britain – Ireland – Malta. The online version of Scuba Diver ANZ is widely known and popular in Southeast Asia as well.

Did you know that Komodo National Park is located between two seas whereas the Flores Sea in the North that is the marginal sea to the Pacific Ocean; and the Sawu Sea in the South that is the marginal sea to the Indian Ocean. Thanks to these two big oceans there are lots of water movements that create currents on Komodo’s dive spots. And that is actually great!

No worries, if you do not have experience in diving in currents. There are special courses where you can learn to understand the currents, to feel comfortable and then enjoy this extreme feeling of “flying”.

If you do have experience in diving in currents, and you enjoy it, you will be on the right side to choose Komodo National Park as your next travel destination.

But that is the amazing thing about Komodo National Park. Yes, it does offer some top dive spots for diving in currents and meeting the ocean giants such as manta rays, sharks, or giant trevally.

Yet, there are also incredible dive spots for macro lovers or snorkel activists. On some spots we have great chances to see a lot of turtles – on one of our dives we counted up to 8 turtles at the same point.

Not many divers know that in Komodo there are some incredible dive spots to take a shot of an orang-utan crab, or of some interesting nudibranchs or even of a Mandarin fish.

To round off your experience underwater, Komodo National Park offers just beautiful landscape above as well. Our guests and we really enjoy sitting on our sundeck and watch the tropical islands around us while our boat brings us to the next stop. Some islands are rather cliffs, others are surrounded by always green mangroves and the next ones have this “Bounty-Beach-look”.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to talk about the beauty and the diversity of the unique underwater world of Komodo National Park. We thank the editors of Scuba Diver ANZ for their interest in our company and that opportunity! We look forward to further cooperation.

Read the full article here.

And we also look forward to welcoming you soon in our dive center and to showing you the secrets of Komodo National Park. Don’t wait long, contact us today.



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