Wet Frog Divers is celebrating its 3rd birthday

Wet Frog Divers´Birthday in KomodoYes, we, Wet Frog Divers, are 3 years old today!

It seems like they have just started … and indeed it is – 3 years is a young age for a company. We remember very well when we came to Flores Island and we started to master diving in Komodo not as tourists but as the owners of a boat and a dive center, when we started to offer our friends and all diving holidays in Indonesia, yet no longer on Bali, but on another island.

We remember the feeling as we accepted this challenge; we also remember the difficulties, our creativity and our enthusiasm. Back at this time, the local dive guides made fun of us: “Well, do you remember the name of thaaat island over there?” How we took photos of the sunsets every evening, each of which seemed particularly colorful and even more beautiful. When the first guests came to us, when the first group arrived (greetings to Krasnoyarsk!)… We remember all of this very well.

And so we look back at the events of these three years and the age of the company no longer seems so young. We gained experience, explored Komodo’s dive sites, climbed the area and found interesting spots that became our favorites. We got to know colleagues from other dive centers, many of whom are now friends and with whom we like to cooperate, we shared trips on the boats of our competing friends and dived with them (that’s always interesting and informative, right?) And the maintenance of our own boat is in fact a science and an experience in itself! By the way, we also have posted about it in our previous news.

The most important conclusion of these three years are the people who we got to know along the way. We had guests from all over the world, with many of whom we became friends and have stayed in contact to this day (or especially today). Many diverse, international groups from different countries have visited us. We showed many guests the underwater world for the first time and together we experienced the joy of this “flight in weightlessness”. We have helped others to advance to the next diving level. We shared lots of photos, conversations and even tears of joy over this amazing beauty of Komodo National Park.

Of course we wanted and planned to celebrate the birthday with you, our friends and dear guests, but for obvious reasons this celebration has to be postponed.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 situation in Indonesia is still difficult today. Foreign tourists are currently not yet able to enter the country, everyone else who is allowed to enter has to pass a 8-day quarantine and 2 PCR tests – all of this is long and expensive. But … we better tell about that in the next news.

Today we are in a festive mood! We are a young company faced with such a global crisis but we are still here and active, our boat is in good condition and we still enjoy diving in Komodo!

We say “Thank you!” to everyone who is close to our hearts and who supports us! We are grateful for the help of our friends, families and guests – we hold on and strive to survive!

But now a toast: “To us – Wet Frog Divers – young but experienced! And to our friends, former and future guests, too!”

Selamat ulang tahun!


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