Visa for Indonesia – Change of entry rules related to the corona virus

FloresAs of tomorrow (March 20, 2020) the rules for entry to Indonesia will change – this was announced on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia on Tuesday, March 17th. The previous visa-free entry, when tourists received a 30-days visa upon arrival at Indonesia’s international airports, will be suspended. From Friday on, all foreign travelers have to apply for a visa in advance from the Indonesian embassies / consulates in their countries in order to enter the country. In addition to that, the Indonesian government has decided to deny entry to any traveler who has been in one of these countries in the last 14 days – France, Iran, Italy, Vatican, Spain, Germany, Swiss or UK. This measure will be implemented for a month and is intended to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

For us as for all the companies active in tourism, this means that there will be far fewer guests. Despite this unexpected “low tourist season” we stay here. We take care of our boat that we love so much, we will continue to keep it ready to go; we support the team and hope for an early end to this “force majeure” situation and prepare ourselves for the normal situation again. Of course we stay in touch with our guests and partners, follow the national and international news and will make them available for you here on our website and on the Wet Frog Divers pages in the social networks.

An unconditional plus is that mother nature has the opportunity to relax. Komodo dragons, coral reefs and their inhabitants will probably miss the visitors soon … After we have tackled the virus together, we look forward to the breathtaking diving with you in Komodo National Park and to all the inhabitants of this amazing underwater world.


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