World Cleanup Day on 21st September 2019

World Cleanup Day on 21st September 2019On 21st September 2019 is the Wold Cleanup Day! All organisations, companies and citizens of Labuan Bajo are participating in this event.

Waste Management in Indonesia is a complex and difficult subject. The growing amount of waste – all over Indonesia – is one of the major challenges for the country; its government and the population. The increasing consumption is bringing rising waste quantities. Convenience products find their way into the consumption world of Indonesia. Most of them are packed in plastic – usually single-use plastic.

Thus, we encourage everyone to re-think his or her way of consumption on plastic.

What we do already:

  • No single-use plastic bottles in our dive centre or on our boat. Instead refill stations with big gallons
  • Separation of the rubbish. Organic, Non-organic and Plastic/Cans/Glass
  • No printing of flyers. If you are in our dive centre, let’s have a talk. If you are outside of Indonesia, please visit our webpage and send us an email.
  • Use respectful the fresh water – no running showers on our boat
  • Talk, educate, be an example to all our colleagues, friends and people around us

Since Rubbish Management concerns everyone, everyone can contribute to reduce the amount of rubbish. Be it that you choose wisely your products and packages, be it that you contribute to a sustainable system of rubbish management, be it that you support cleanup events, or be it that you understand the issue and spread the word.

There are many ways how each of us – a local business, a tourist, a visitor, or a citizen – can help and support. It just needs a start. This subject is important to us, and on our webpage we have devoted a whole page to this issue.

Read here about how you can support the environment when visiting Komodo National Park.

It is important to us! It is important for everyone! Thank you.


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