Limited Time – Free dive or visit to Rinca

Diving in KomodoWe understand that diving requires substantial financial means. Safe and quality equipment sometimes costs a lot. A good, comprehensive diving and travel insurance needs to be paid as well. Quite often the destinations for a diving holiday require some travel and include costs for a flight ticket, visa, and accommodation.

Of course, one wishes to save a bit at one point or another. And surely, one should never cheat on safety! Better look out for some special deals or great offers where you get something extra.

That’s why we have created this special offer for you!

Enjoy your free dive or a visit to Rinca Island to see the famous Komodo Dragons.

As a limited time deal we offer a free third dive or a visit to Rinca to all our guests who book 3 days/6 dives or a 5 days/10 dives package. It’s easy; the only thing you have to do is to book now one of these packages and travel to us between November and December 2019. In return we will give to you a free third dive on each of your diving days; alternatively we go to the Rinca Island where you can meet the famous Komodo Dragons.

This offer is limited until December 29th, 2019.

To reserve your spot on our boat and to get this deal please send us an email at Our reply is your confirmation.

Don’t miss this offer! Come and enjoy the beauty of Komodo National Park. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon. Sampai jumpa!


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