Easier than expected: This saves you money on vacation in Komodo

This saves you money on vacation in KomodoVacation or Holidays is the most beautiful time in the year.

Do you dream of your next holiday? But your budget is limited and your wish-list is long?

We give you some tips on how to save money for your diving holiday in Komodo National Park.

Komodo National Park is home to Komodo Dragons and is one of the world’s best dive areas. It has been established in 1980 with the main initial purpose to protect the unique Komodo dragons. Later its goals have been expanded for the protection of its further inhabitants, both on land and sea.

The 3 major islands of Komodo National Park are Rinca, Padar and Komodo. Plus numerous smaller surrounding islands that represent an amazing landscape. The park’s area holds a unique and rich biodiversity in marine environment as well as in flora and fauna.

 Komodo National Park is on the list of the 7 New Wonders of Nature, and is the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Save money and dive in world class dive sites.

Packages:                 like us many dive operators offer different packages that might suit your travel schedule and save money, rather than booking single days or trips. In addition, you get more out of your holiday.

Fairs:                          they offer a great opportunity to look at the products and services offered. And they give a chance to buy some products and services at special fair-deals. There are several diving fairs in different countries, e.g. BOOT in Germany or the International Dive Show in Paris, both in January.

Tour Operators:      many dive centres work with different tour operators who specialise in diving holiday. In return, they can offer some special deals or packages that might even include flights and accommodation. Plus it saves you time and stress.

Repeater:                 Coming back to the same dive centre will be rewarded quite often. Many dive centres offer the so called “repeater discounts”. Besides saving money on your diving holiday, you get a familiar atmosphere, people that you know and rely on – and in most cases you win new friends.

Groups:                    Travelling in groups is more fun and you can directly share your impressions in addition to saving money as well. And then you always dive with a buddy whom you know and trust.

Komodo National Park offers some world class dive spots with huge schools of fish, many pelagic fish and different kinds of sharks in the depth. Drift along the reefs with an excellent life and many corals. Snorkel with 20 turtles, or dive and be surrounded by huge majestic mantas.

Komodo National Park will leave you with unforgettable moments and blow off your mind.

Discover our deals and save money on your holiday. Your amazing diving holiday is waiting for you.


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