Kelimutu Lake

Kelimutu crater lakes on Flores, Komodo National Park

Kelimutu is a volcano in central Flores Island. Its tri-coloured crater lakes make Kelimutu famous and mysterious for tourists and local people. The lakes are periodically changing the colour. Of course, there are some scientific explanations about this phenomenon. Yet the myths about the origin of Mount Kelimutu and its lakes make it a sacred place for the local people.

The local people attribute different meanings to the three lakes: one is the lake of ancestors’ souls, the second one is the lake of young people’s souls, and the third one is the lake of evil spirits.

Another mysterious moment is when the sun is rising above the Mount Kelimutu and the clouds haven’t covered the view yet.

Kelimutu crater lakes are a part of the second national park on Flores – the Kelimutu National Park. It is home to numerous hills and mountains, to some endangered plant species and animals, and to a “mini jungle” that represents the flora biodiversity of Kelimutu National Park.

Being the worldwide protected area and internationally recognised by the United Nations Environment Program, Kelimutu National Park is another gem of Flores.

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