Passion. Together. Wet Frog Divers.

We all share one passion: diving! Being enthusiastic divers ourselves, we work hard on our mission to offer what has been missing in the diving world: Professional, safe and fun diving in a personal and friendly atmosphere.

Wet Frog Divers is a diving centre created from divers for divers. 

Meet our members

Our team, these are experts for the technical part as well as for the organisational duties and for the creativity in our dive centre.

Fidin – our captain. He played a major role in building the boat “Santai”. It was our captain, who has been sailing around Komodo National Park for many years, and who suggested to build the divers’ area in the front of the ship. Fidin knows each and every screw on our engine and loves being a captain.

Mikael – our main office person. Mikael is an expert in all organisational and daily office duties. He speaks very good English and with his kind appearance he always cares about our guests and wants to help them.

Furthermore, our team is supported by a chef, a mechanic, a compressor master and captain’s assistant. All lads have got a big heart and are excited to work and partially live on the boat. They have invested a lot of energy and motivation in the creation of our comfortable day boat. They might live a simple life, but they are serious about their job.

Our international management

Who are we? We are Max, Dima and Natalie. We are divers. We are from Germany and Russia. We are friends and family. All of us have been living in Asia for a while and have already experienced Indonesia as our home and workplace for many years. Together we speak 6 languages, accumulate more than 35 years of diving experience, count some 12 years of working experience in the diving industry in Asia and weight 225 kg.

Max –

you will meet Max mainly underwater, on our boat or sometimes in our office. Since 2013 Max has introduced lots of kids to the underwater world and has supported many experienced divers in upgrading their skills. Max studied International Management at Liverpool John Moore’s University together with Natalie and has gained great skills and experience in marketing. Having worked for famous online companies, Max has got a wide network and brings some necessary online insider skills. Yet he also knows how to fill tanks, to service the regulators or what technical stuff is needed for the boat. He speaks 4 languages which helps our guests but is a hard choice for him as a father. What language to teach to his daughter?


is our special liaison person to our guests from Russian speaking countries. Since almost 10 years Dima has been serving the Russian speaking markets as VIP-dive instructor in Indonesia. Before Dima took the decision to live and work in Indonesia, he has been working for more than 15 years as PR-manager for big companies in Moscow and Europe. His charisma and friendly appearance make it easy to start a chat and to learn a lot about diving. As passionate underwater photographer Dima keeps a vast collection of underwater photos. You’ll find Dima underwater, on the boat or in our technical room where he takes care of the equipment.

Natalie –

most of the time Natalie will be around everywhere. If we need to organise, to keep up with a deadline, or simply to coordinate some stuff, Natalie will be doing that. Holding a MBA in International Management from the Liverpool John Moore’s University, Natalie possesses strong skills in communication, in negotiation and administration. Before moving to Asia, her life took her to many European and non-European countries for work. She speaks 4 languages; has got a varied experience in dealing with guests from all social levels, from different nations and knows how to handle simple to ambitious enquiries. Having travelled through South East Asia and having lived some four years in Indonesia, Natalie understands a lot of local habits. And right now, she is studying her 5th language – Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia).

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