Incredible Dive Spots

Dive Spots Komodo - Manta Point

Batu Bolong

One of the world class dive sites. Suitable for advanced and/or experienced divers due to its strong currents Batu Bolong offers some huge schools of fish, many pelagic fish and different kinds of sharks in the depth.

At the surface of Batu Bolong site we can see just a small rock, but underwater it is a giant rock that goes deep into the blue to 70m. The rock offers a great richness of marine life and some amazing hard and soft corals.  You can dive Batu Bolong all year around.

Castle Rock

Another amazing dive site in Komodo National Park. Castle Rock is a great dive site for spotting and diving with sharks. However, you can see underwater pretty much everything. Due to its currents and being in open water Castle Rock offers great visibility.

Castle Rock is a pinnacle underwater with a top at 4m deep. It is located in the North part of Komodo island. You can dive Castle Rock all year around.


Lighthouse dive spot is not far from Castle Rock. Black tips and white tips sharks are often there patrolling the area as well as huge Napoleon wrasses and Giant trevallies. Often, Lighthouse is classified as a drift dive site. It offers great visibility, vivid marine life, some strong currents and healthy reefs.  Manta rays visit this dive site often as their cleaning station. You can dive Lighthouse all year around.

Tatawa Besar

Tatawa Besar is located in the Northeast part of Komodo island. It is sometimes classified as a drift dive site, yet it offers an easy drift in shallow waters. Tatawa Besar is a good alternative to Tatawa Kecil and Batu Bolong if currents there are too strong. This is the place to experience manta rays in the rainy season.

Tatawa Besar is a reef with an excellent life and many corals. You can dive Tatawa Besar all year long.

Red Beach

Red Beach is excellent for the macro photography, for night dives and snorkeling. You dive here a sloping reef going to 25m deep. Red Beach offers just all the species from the marine park. Snorkeling with manta rays in rainy season is just one of the magical moments here. You can dive Red Beach all year around.

Red Beach dive spot

Sebayour Kecil

Sebayour Kecil offers a great site for beginners and those looking to refresh their skills. There is hardly any current. It is a sloping reef, as divers go deeper a seamount at around 25m offers a great chance to spot different sharks and giant sweetlips. In the shallow waters Sebayour Kecil is a great dive site for some small inhabitants, such as leaf scorpionfish or frogfish.

You can dive Sebayour Kecil all year around.

Siaba Besar

Siaba Besar is a great dive site for all types of divers and especially for beginners and courses. It offers a great richness of marine life and is a drift dive over a stunning coral garden at around 18-25m. Siaba Besar is great combination of coral and sandy bottom. For divers with less experience in drift dives Siaba Besar is a wonderful option as it is a sheltered bay. Divers are almost guaranteed to see turtles amongst the shallower coral reefs but also some big friends such as sharks and manta rays. Macro life is also diverse with many nudibranchs, ornate ghost pipefish, flamboyant cuttlefish, leaf scorpionfish, and frogfish. You can dive Siaba Besar all year around.

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